Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Harvard to kick the bill for <$60k families

18to35.org reports that Harvard is kicking the bill for the children of families that earn less than $60K/yr. The students will continue to be required to pay some amount based off of a payment schedule that is tied to their campus employment.

What a great step. Harvard has the means to be a major influence in changing the educational landscape and I am glad to see them take such a meaningful step.

A tiered payment program could be implemented so as to not leave the $61K families out to dry.

Also, while I feel this is an incredible step, I would be interested to learn about the requirements with the payment schedule and the campus jobs.

I just graduated with my BS a week ago. I worked multiple jobs through school both for experience and to keep the bills paid, but found that those who had really high financial demands were at a considerable disadvantage when they had to sacrifice extracurricular activities and career promoting opportunities.

At this point is the $6,000- $8,000 a year that a campus job will earn really worth the sacrifice to the individual when that amount is of such little significance to Harvard?

A great step... there is still a better way.

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