Sunday, February 15, 2009

St. Valentines Day

The story of mine and Mikel's love is that great things often come together last minute and unexpectedly. That's a lot of how this weekend came together--after having all of our initial plans not pan out, this weekend came together, last minute with tons of fun.

Friday night, @mikelb and I hit up the dance party with @mickhagen @rachelhagen @bradhagen @krommenhoek. It was a lot of fun and @mikelb suprised me with her sweet moves. Here is a short clip of @mickhagen doing soulja boy (tried getting footage of all the single ladies but turned out too dark):

On Saturday we went skiing at Sundance. Sundance is often regarded as the runt of the Utah ski resort litter, but it proved to be a great day. The canyon was a mess and they turned us away after getting almost all the way to Sundance because of an accident, but we braved the weather again an hour later and made it up. Good snow and not too crowded. Here is @mikelb tearing it up on the double blacks:

Afterwards we grabbed a quick bite, switched babysitters (thanks grandmas), and went to Thanksgiving Point to see shopaholics. Meh.

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