Monday, March 16, 2009

What is

Zinch is a technology that is helping to change the way that students are discovered and recruited by colleges, grad schools, scholarships, and other opportunities relevant to high school and college students.

Students are given a platform to create an online portfolio and profile of themselves. This profile is meant to be robust and holistic and help facilitate past the stigmas that surround students and their tests scores. Students are able to showcase who they really are and what they are best at, and be discovered on those terms.

Colleges have been anxious to be able to reach students on personable grounds based upon parameters beyond the traditional ACT/SAT score, GPA, & zip code. In just two years since the launch of Zinch, over 650 colleges have signed on to recruit through Zinch as well as almost 3/4 million students.

Zinch was founded by Mick Hagen @mickhagen, his older brother, Brad Hagen @bradhagen, and Brad's partner-in-crime Sid Krommenhoek @krommenhoek.

Recently, some students have sounded off with what their interpretation is of Zinch. Enjoy--they are impressively made movies. Sign up for here.

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