Friday, December 4, 2009

No More Teachers? No More Books? Higher Education in the Networked Age

Take away from the Harvard panel on technology in the classroom: when students keep laptops open in the classroom, they learn less.

My thoughts—the traditional role of teachers and the current role of technology don’t mesh—I concur.  Looking into the future I believe that the role both play will drastically change to yield great efficiencies. I think the teacher will come to be more mentor and guide and less of a knowledge base. You just cannot compete with technology as a knowledge base. And I believe that technology will come to displace—not compete with—teaching more and more. Right now it is a distraction because the teacher is teaching, technology is a peripheral distraction. In the future, the technology will teach, and the teacher will be a peripheral guide.

You can read the highlights of the panel here.

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