Thursday, January 14, 2010


When I first saw Koofers home page I was really excited by the possibilities, but in registering for the site with my email, I found the only immediate functionality to be an affiliate textbook shopping engine and a bunch of flash games. It appears that they have a rate-your-professor & class scheduling functionality (nothing that hasn’t been done before) and the ability to share flashcards and previous tests from the same class. My initial hope of Koofers being a social platform to share real content and knowledge with students across diverse campuses was failed with the realization it is a pander to lazy students looking for quick and cheap tricks intent on finding the easiest teacher and the easy A.

Koofers, I will not even give you the pleasure of a link. Try again.

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Unknown said...

I have them at my school and they are awesome. Sorry, your school hasn't gotten their data to Koofers to make it more functional.